Importance of Attendance


The school places high levels of importance on students attending school, we are also proud that current levels of attendance are high. Staff review levels of attendance regularly and will contact parents should there be any concerns. We will aim to work with parents and students, to provide support where appropriate.

  • 90% attendance equates to missing 4 weeks of learning each year.
  • If attendance was at 90% in every year from Year 7 to Year 11, students will have missed one half of a school year.
  • 1 in 5 students nationally, are absent from school for 17 days a year. When compared to attainment at GCSE level, these students drop at least one GCSE grade. That could mean the difference between going on to study a chosen A Level, getting a place at college or being accepted on an apprenticeship.
  • Gaining 5 or more GCSEs at grade 4 or above can increase wages by 41%.
  • Improving attendance by 1% could see a 5-6% improvement in attainment.


97 – 100%


92 - 97%


This is below our expected level of attendance and you will be monitored.

90 – 92%


This is significantly below our expected level of attendance. You will receive a letter home and be monitored.

Below 90%


You are missing at least six weeks of learning in the school year and this could result in statutory action.



Being punctual is an important life skill, linked to our STRIPE behaviour of being a Self-manager.

In guidance, issued by the Government, schools are required to code lateness to school in two ways. An “L” code is used for lateness until registration closes (this is usually about 15 minutes after school has started) or a “U” code for lateness after registration has closed. A “U” code is classed as an unauthorised absence and therefore could lead to the Local Authority issuing penalties or prosecution. Schools are obliged to keep a late log, where explanations are recorded for the reasons why a student is late.

Therefore, we ask that every effort is made to ensure that all students arrive at school punctually. The school gates are open from 08:15. Should there be any issue with lateness which you wish to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact the school directly.

It is important to us that every student arrives to school on time and is ready and prepared to engage in their learning. That learning takes place as soon as the student enters the school building.


To help qualify the potential loss learning time due to being late:

  • If your child is just 5 minutes late every day, they are missing out on 25 minutes of education every week.
  • Over a 6-week term, this would be 150 minutes or 2½ hours.
  • During a school year (31 weeks) this would calculate to be 775 minutes or 13 hours of missed education.

Don’t let your child miss out - help them to reach their full potential – get them to school on time!



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